If only

For a brief moment their eyes met. His heart skipped several beats, like the feeling you have when a nail is thurst suddenly into your heart.  He had longed for this for ever, like a thirsty traveller lost in the nonchalant wilderness of earthly pleasures. He felt quenched. Quenched of the thirst that had been starving his heart for that moment. If only he could rewrite the past and scrub away all his naivety.

The moment sure was brief, but it was long enough for making him want to stay in that moment with her forever. This time they smiled too. It seemed that both of them stared each other for those split seconds wanting to utter something.  Something regular. But then, the moment was very brief. Plus, it would have disturbed the silence. Silence of the thousands of things they wanted to tell each other. Maybe both were aware of this, atleast he was!

The moment had passed. Sweat on his brow, battered by her smile, it took him a minute or two to be back to normal.

It seemed all so well orchestrated; the soft wind and the drizzle. Everyone seemed to stay solid in their familier place. There wasn't a sound, save for the occasional flutter of the bird. Every detail in the picturesque was picked by the brilliant daylight in sepia tone, as if in a microscope. White as her passing smile, so garishly clean and sophisticated.

If only he could erase everything else and make a fresh beginning from thereon.

He told himself that it wasn't right, neither was it wrong.  It wasn't even normal, it was only natural. He swallowed his feelings, he walked away.

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