I Crave

I crave for your edges. I crave for the slender curves, each time I turn you and hold my heart for what you hold next.

I crave to read you, to complete you.. over and over again. Sleep no more nourishes me, it along with all its friends, is a disruption.

I crave to find a different meaning in you, each time we meet, each time I read. Oh, how you keep yourself together. I crave for your personality.

Oh how I hunger, for the suspense to rupture, for the indecision to divulge. For what your heart holds I know not.

And while I pace hungrily, through you, I wish you never cease. Exist, there, at that moment.. eternally ephemeral. I crave to live in that moment with you, basking in the sunbeam with the fleeting shades of your lashes. The sheets of your stories, drench me all.

I long to conquer you, and then the other you, and then the other.

I crave to read you.

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