[Informatica] Bulk Load vs Normal Load

While loading data to relational targets, Informatica provides an option to either do Bulk load or Normal load. Selection of appropriate option can not only improve your session performance but also can make your rollback strategy foolproof.

Bulk load should be used in case where the data is humongous in size (greater than 100 GB), and the operation is performance intensive. Bulk load can greatly speed up your session performance in such a case.

However, the trade-off with Bulk load is that, it bypasses database logs, and thus recovery in case of failure is not possible. On the other hand, Normal load logs each and every database transaction while loading, thus enabling rollback.

Also, while using Bulk load, one cannot have Indexes defined on target. Bulk load fails in such a case. One must drop the Indexes, do Bulk load and then recreate the Indexes in such a case. Other option id to use Normal load.