:set commands with vi editor

Here is the gist of most commonly used set commands in vi editor.

:set nu
Display line numbers in via editor

:set nonu
Do not display line numbers in vi editor

:set eb
Beep the speaker every time an error occurs

:set noeb
Do not beep the speaker in case of error

:set ai
Set auto indent on

:set noai
Do not set auto indent

:set ic
Ignore case while searching a pattern in via editor

:set noic
Make the search case sensitive, don't ignore case

:set terse
Make messages terse

:set noterse
Do not make error messages terse

:set mesg
Permit receipt of messages from other terminals

:set nomesg
Do not permit receipt of messages

There are of course numerous other options available. To get a complete list of all the options with set, use below command

:set all

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