[Informatica] Defining Expression Strings In Parameter File

If you have an Expression logic that is expected to change frequently, you can parameterize this logic so that you don't have to update the mapping logic each time the expression changes.

Suppose you have an Expression logic as IIF(inSalary=10000,'Y','N') and you wish to parametrize it. In order to do so, follow following steps:

1. Define a mapping parameter eg. $$Expr, under Parameters and Variables section. Make sure to set the IsExprVar value to TRUE and datatype to STRING. Only then will the Integration Service be able to evaluate the expression at run time.
2. Use this parameter where you wish to use it in Expression port as $$Expr.
3. In the parameter file set the expression parameter as follows
$$Expr= IIF(inSalary=10000,'Y','N')
4. Configure the workflow to use the parameter file.

Similarly, such logics in Aggregators, Filters and Routers can also be parameterized.

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