Argument for God's existence: Degree

Lately I have been reading 'The God Delusion', and I must admit that author Richard Dawkins presents some interesting arguments for 'why there is certainly no God'. A must read for all believers and agnostics, may be you will end up becoming an atheist by the time you finish this book.

As far as I am concerned, I have been an agnostic so far. I am on chapter 3, let's see how things turn up 😊.

Coming back to the argument of degree for God's existence, Dawkins says that we notice that things in the world differ. And as I have earlier pointed out in my own blog posts, almost everything is relative. We compare everything to something standard, a defined threshold. But however, it is not humanly possible to set the highest threshold, because humans surpass themselves with every second that is gone.

Therefore there must be some other maximum to set the standards for perfection, and we call that perfect standard as God.

This reminds me of my favourite song by Oasis, 'little by little'.

'true perfection has to be imperfect,
I know that that sounds stupid but its true!'

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