Open letter to her


This boldness of mine, I know not how you shall take it. This indulgence of mine, to write in an open forum... Whether you take it as a public display of affection or as an offense, I know not. But I believe that in relationships as such, it is essential to reassure one's fidelity from time to time.

I know, we've had our communication gaps. As a means of this letter I wish to dislodge them and let not fester them into problems. Just wanted to put my cards on the table.

I really wish we be together. I wish we laugh on stupid jokes, do things together. I wish to cook for you, I wish we read together. I wish you teach me things you know, I wish we go shopping. I wish you tell me how your day was and I wish we talk for hours. I wish I could tell you about all my friends and about my childhood. I wish i could know your favourite color.

I wish I see the world with you, maybe bring our parents together with us. I wish I could see you sleep, breathing slowly... Sit patiently by the bed for you to wake up, we would then have our breakfast. I also wish that when we grow old we have a farm or atleast a garden. For pets we would have a dog and a cow. The cow would graze as we sit sipping tea and reading books. You know, I find watching a cow ruminate to be the most satisfying thing to experience. The mere thought of the cow graze and ruminate is in itself so fulfilling to heart and mind. Dogs are the most loyal beings, their love is unconditional. I miss my dog, no one has loved me as much as my dog.

And that is how our winter would pass, under the same sun.

I wish you wish the same..I wish I could hear from you...Oh, how I wish could I ask you the things I never asked you.

As you know by now, I am not too good in expressing myself, both verbally and in written form. I wish you could understand all that I meant. And all that I never said, but always wished.

Also, as always I do not expect your response. I just want you to be happy, with me or without me.

Believe me, as dumb as this letter is, it was a great courage to write it. Specially when you do not exist.

Dear, please start existing!


P.S : Although Coldplay is my favourite band, I sometimes like to listen to death metal. Also, please don't walk away in silence the next time we meet, say 'hi'..

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