Confessions of an IT employee

I am glad that its Sunday! But that won't last long, will it?

I know, I will sleep late tonight, probably after catching up with unseen episodes of Game of Thrones or Sherlock or may be Suits. This all while that constant thought of Monday lingers in my head.

It will be Monday again tomorrow, I would wake up hazy eyed, probably with a hangover. I would curse myself, yet again. Yeah, I would miss my jogging exercises in the park or the gym workout yet again. Cursing myself, I would brush my teeth. And remember the promise made to mother that I would call my cousins the weekend that passed by.

I would shave, and probably get late for the cab. I would miss the morning breakfast to make sure I don't miss the cab. Yeah, but the cab would arrive late, yet again. I would curse the cabbie, for not driving too fast and being such a lazy ass in the heavy traffic. Meantime, the same songs play on my iPod, same playlist. The dull FM in the cab would leave no stone unturned to dampen my spirit.

I would want to take the stairs, to burn calories and all, but I would already have 3 messages from my boss, asking why I got late. I would take the lift instead.

I would reach office just before the daily status call. Unprepared, I would fumble through the questions. Then I would settle, frown at my colleagues, who in return a fake smile with the trivial Monday morning question 'how was your weekend?'. I would say 'great!' , just to pretend how rocking and happening my life is. I would boast of the movie that I downloaded over the torrent and of the pizza that I ordered over the weekend.

I would then pick up my mug, go to the coffee vending machine, get some caffeine. Shit, I would have taken green-tea! At my desk, I would stare at the card that says, 'do what you love, love what you do'. I finish checking my mails and work for a while, by the time its lunchtime. God, did she leave the company, why didn't I see her in the cafe today!!

Oh code, thou art a heartless bitch. Why wouldn't you compile!?!

I would hear my mobile buzzing, its the credit card guys, yet again. I would keep my cool, be patient and return to my work. The cab drop would late, they would say its because of the jam cause by the procession to raise voice against the price rise. Meantime, I would reply all the pings on watsapp.

Back home, I would come again, wondering if it was a productive day. That guitar, would again tease me with ghe dust on its curves. I would again fail to keep my promise to read the book that I bought online. Tired, frustrated, I would call mom. I would talk with disinterest, she would understand that I am tired. I would promise her to visit hometown the next month.

I would hang up and I would sleep!

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