The Gita Of Programming | A Book By Vishal Lambe

Got published my second book, The Gita Of Programming - Lord Krisha's Teachings on the ethics of Programming.
The book is a tongue in cheek style commentary on the mythological dialogue between Lord Krishna and his disciple friend Arjuna, who happens to be a programmer.
On the idea behind the book:
The Gita of Programmings is inspired from The Tao Of Programming, a book written in 1980's by Geoffrey James. The book is an attempt to blend in mythology and programming. 
  • Setting up the scene
  • Arjuna's preplexity
  • The Maya of management
  • The Transcendental Source
  • The Art Of Programming
  • The manifestations of the Source
  • Space, Time And Complexity
  • Documentation, Bugs and Testing
  • The Novice Protegees and The Quality Of Code
  • The Conclusion
I am sure you would enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it. Would love to hear your reviews.

The book is available on Google Play, Google Books at below links.

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