Vox Populi - The voice of people | A book by Vishal Lambe

Got published my first book, Vox Populi - The voice of people.

The book is a collection of assorted essays on religion, democracy and India. 

On the title of the book:
Vox Populi is a Latin phrase, vox meaning 'voice' and populi 'meaning' people
in English. The complete phrase goes, 'vox populi, vox dei' - The voice of the
people is the voice of God.
State And Religion
When The Trains Ran On Time
When The Great Tree Fell
Why India Survives

I am sure you would enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it. Would love to hear your reviews.

The book is available on Google Play, Google Books and Lulu for download at the below link.

Vox Populi - The voice of people | Vishal Lambe
Download from Google Play | Vox Populi - The voice of people | Author - Vishal Lambe

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