[How to] Configure Pre/Post-Session Commands in Informatica

[Informatica] Pre/Post-Session Commands

One can configure pre and post session commands at session level. Such commands can be used to delete temporary files, concat files, copy files or to rename.

To configure this options follow the below steps:
1. Right Click on Session, select Edit.
2. Click on Components tab.
3. Select the Pre/Post session command option with Type as Non-Reusable. 
4. Click on the pencil symbol (edit option).
5. A new window appears, here click on add new command button as shown in below images.
6. Enter name of command (optional) and the command.

Components Tab in Session -> Edit

One can add multiple command as done in the below example.

Adding pre-session commands

Other options such as Post-Session Success Command, Post-Session Failure Command, On Success E-Mail, On Failure E-Mail can be configured in similar manner.

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