[Cartoon] The Wrong Key

The Wrong Key

This is a very special sketch for me, though not understood completely by many. All that most of my friends could understand that it is 'very deep'.

All talk of pollution, 21st century and globalization summed up in this sketch. I received a lot of replies asking for the explanation of this particular sketch. So, here we go, I thought it would be better to put it up on my blog.

The world is a lock, and the key that we are using to open the lock is that of globalization. Notice the factories and chimneys emitting smoke on the key? The smoke is depicted as our carbon footprint. Also, notice a man sitting on the hinge of the lock, powdering where this all is going. We human beings are trying to solve the problems that would not have existed if we ourselves would not have existed.

And hence the title 'The Wrong Key'.

The Wrong Key - Vishal Lambe

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