What Facebook Hashtag's Really Mean?

Following the trail of notable social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, today Facebook will roll out hashtags for itself.

Hashtags (#'s) are being seen as an effective way to aggregate similar information from the pile of millions of status updates, photos and stories. What's more is that the hashtags are clickable enabling the users to see feeds on similar topics from their subscribed pages, friends etc. This is a step ahead in helping users to manage and search information relevant to their interest.

Some of the most popular hashtags are #love, #me, #jobs and #photography.

From Facebook's point of view, it would be easier for the social networking giant to gauge the trend of information to form user targeted analytical and statistical information. Brand marketing and product distribution strategies for advertisers can be more effective when Facebook makes this information available to its customers (advertisers). Statistics based on a trend of an event in certain geographical area, certain point in time can readily be aggregated and meaningful information about users’ habits, public conversations on important events and social trends can be drawn statistically. Hashtags fit into overall Facebook advertising strategies and can drive their business objectives in times to come.

To quote an important statistic, Game of Thrones‘ Red Wedding last week was mentioned 1.5 million times, while there were 66.5 million interactions (which include likes, comments and posts) around this year’s Oscars. Superbowl, elections and natural disasters follow the suit.

Remember, in a society where information is money and privacy is no longer a private matter, you are Facebook's products and not customers. Ironically, Facebook’s real customers are its advertisers.