New Features In Informatica 9.x From A Developer's Perspective

Some of the new features in Informatica 9.x that a developer really needs to bother about are as below.

Lookup as an Active Transformation:
Starting from version 9.x, Lookups which were previously passive transformation will become active transformations. At developer level, what this means is, lookup can now return multiple values on successful match. Previously Lookups returned one output row for each input row, such would not be the case starting from 9.x once a Lookup is configured as active.

Database Deadlock Resilience:
This feature will ensure that the session does not immediately fail once a database deadlock is detected. Starting from 9.x, we can configure the number of attempts to retry in case of deadlock.

SQL Overrides in Un-cached Lookups:
Starting from version 9.x, one can write SQL override on un-cached lookup as well. Previously Informatica allowed SQL overrides only on cached lookups.

Session Log Size:
Session Log size can be configured starting from 9.x in real-time.

SQL Transformation as Passive:
SQL transformation can now be configured to run in Passive mode instead of Active mode. While in passive mode, the SQL transformation returns one output row for each input row.

ESB Support:
Informatica 9.x does not include ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) infrastructure.

We can configure auto-commit for each database connection separately. Each SQL statement in a query defines a transaction. A commit occurs when the SQL statement completes or the next statement is executed, whichever comes first.