Full text of Advani's Resignation Letter

In a shocking move today, BJP patriarch Lal Krishna Advani resigned from all three posts in his capacity, namely, National Executive, the Parliamentary Board, and the Election Committee. Advani's falling health was sighted as reason for his absence at the BJP summit in Goa. Many see this as a reaction to BJP's decision to promote Modi to chairperson of Elections campaign at the Goa Summit. However, in his resignations letter Advani expresses deep dissatisfactions towards differences between party members and the falling standards of politics.

Advani is seen as the leader who brought BJP from two to 182 seats in the Lok Sabha.

Soon after the resignation, senior BJP leaders such as Rajnath Singh personally met Advani, the truce is expected to be followed by Sushma Swaraj and Nitin Garkari. However, after his meet with Advani, Rajnath Singh has rejected his resignation letter expecting that the resignation will lead to BJP's downfall, especially when the party is already ailing and at a time when there is a void of leadership for 2014 parliamentary elections.

Full text of Advani's Resignation Letter
Dear Shri Rajnath Singhji

All my life I have found working for the Jana Sangh and the Bharatiya Janata Party a matter of great pride and endless satisfaction to myself.

For some time I have been finding it difficult to reconcile either with the current functioning of the party or the direction in which it is going. I no longer have the feeling that this is the same idealistic party created by Dr Mookerji, Deen Dayalji, Nanaji and Vajpayeeji whose sole concern was the country, and its people. Most leaders of ours are now concerned just with their personal agendas.

I have decided, therefore, to resign from the three posts of the party, namely, the National Executive, the Parliamentary Board, and the Election Committee. This may be regarded as my resignation letter.

Yours Sincerely

LK Advani