Verse 7 - Absolute Freedom

What was never born can never die. The Tao was always present and will always be. To understand this better, let us take an example of a sugar bowl. What does the bowl contain? Sugar. Now empty the bowl. What is left inside? Air. Now take out all the air from the bow. What is left inside? Vacuum. Here exist the Tao, so did it exist when the bowl was full.

Imagine a roadside beggar, in rags, despised by the society. What does he have to hide? He is already naked. There is no reason for him to feel shy. He is almost invisible to the society, everyone turns a blind eye towards him. He has no desire for respect, fame or love. Thus he has nothing and has nothing to lose. No secrets to conceal. The Tao is such. The lesser the passion, the better the work. The calmer the mind, the more amount of work we can do. When we let loose our feelings, we loose so much of our energy.

Staying behind, the master leads the way.That is why he is always ahead. He is so detached with everlasting or anything at all that he is one with the Tao. His victory is his disciple's win and his disciple's defeat is his own failure.