Verse 5 and 6 - The Unbiased Master

The Tao is unbiased, impartial and non-judgmental.The Tao is like a mother, taking care of her children at every step, self-sacrificing. Her nourishment, love and care never exhausts, never ceases. She is as mother mother for a saint as much for a sinner. Serenity in her nature and an living embodiment of forgiveness.

The Tao does not take sides, thus it defends all. Its does not act, thus acts in accordance with common goodwill of all. For lack of a better example I would like to compare it with human mind. The more we make use of it, the more it produces. Never-ending, infinite. It never rests. If it takes rest, everything will fall into chaos. Its is stationary, yet infinitely fast, infinitely malleable. It is body that gets tired, falls asleep. The mind never falls asleep.

One can never grasp the Tao. Can one ever grasp the sun with one's hand? No, the rays will always find their way out from the gaps. Thus is the manifestation of the Tao.

The more you run towards the Tao, the more elusive it becomes. Therefore, stay in the center.