Verse 1 - The greatest sin

Verse 1 

To name something is to associate it with an idea, to establish a rational and fixed identity, to make it belong to a subset of other similar ideas. We see that the most beautiful things in the world cannot be sensed. They are beyond touch, taste, smell, sight or auditory experiences. Then how is one to name such a phenomena?

A set of printed pages, bound together is called a book. Once we call it a book, we cannot associate it with any other idea. We cannot all it a chair!

The question then arises how are we to name something that is omnipresent, eternal and manifesting in all forms.

Thus the Tao can never be named. If it is namable, its it is not Tao, it is just Maya.

The Hindu philosophical school supports the concept of evolution. Vedas state that man has evolved to the present state from a deteriorated one through innumerable cycles. But the the question arises, what pervaded before the deteriorated form? What was before the sky, the sun the moon and ether? What was in the void? What has always been there?

Was it darkness? No, it cant be because rational thought proves that darkness is just manifestation of light in another form. Make it too dark and you won't be able to see. Brighten the room with too much of light and and it will blind you. 

Therefore, what manifested before formation of everything or anything at all was nothing !

The statement contradicts it validity, but its true. This is because if it can be named then it can't be eternal. As said earlier naming is in origin. And therefore something which can never had a origin can not have a name. To say that something originated at such and such time is to associate it the idea of Time and Space. Time and space do not bound the Tao. This is bacause Tao never had a origin, it has always been there and therefore it is a sinister to name Tao.

The Tao does not exist!

To say that something exist is to associate it with the idea of birth, life and death. Tao is not bound by these, therefore Tao does not exist.

Desire is the root cause of all evils  The Gita maintains, "what did you bring with you that you are afraid to lose? What did you bring with you that you wish to take away?" You desire to understand the Tao and all you do is get caught in its manifestations. Do not mistake Tao for entities in material world.  Be detached says the Hindu thought, then only will come eternal bliss. One cannot go to the Tao, one can only walk the path of the Tao. Tao itself strikes you, it chooses to reveal itself to you. Should we not then desire anything at all? Should we renounce everything in the material world? Answer is, desire, but be detached. Do not have the feeling of proprietorship  ownership or possession. You never had anything, and can never have. Everything that the senses perceive is a defenestration of the Tao, it belongs to Him. When you are detached you have nothing left to lose and therefore freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

When we speak of darkness, which idea come first to your mind? Pitch black darkness? The Universe! What can be more profound, dark and yet contains everything that exists. Thus the universe is the gateway to all understanding.