We often hear that ones of the features of evolution is that the evil being continuously eliminated and the good being manifested. It says there will come one day when only good shall prevail. I see this argument fallacious from beginning to end.
Machines are being made, things made simpler, one becomes rich while the other poor. This all while we are being crushed under the giant wheel of evolution. We have developed higher powers of enjoyment but at the same time we are today more susceptible to suffering to. Man today is solving problems which would not have existed without the evolution.
The only way to stop evil is to stop good also; there is no other way. To stop death we must stop life also. The statement itself seems contradictory, life without death and happiness without misery can never be achieved. One is the manifestation of the other.
The bright ones find it out a little earlier, and the dull ones a little later. We must do our part, that is the only way to get out of these contradictions.