The mind of the Tao

One must never give explanations for his behaviour as a means to clarify his intentions. People look the world through their eyes, and you have no authority to make them look through your eyes, your propaganda.
As you have the right to firmly rest upon your own side of argument, give people equal chance to stand by their viewpoint. Never press your views on others. Also never speak or give opinion unless asked for. Free advises and opinions often make more harm than peace. In a longer run, people will realize what's good or what's bad for them, sooner or later.
Peace out ! It's not necessary to please each and everyone you meet. One ends up being hypocrite doing this.
Never have prejudices. There is something to be learnt from everyone. Each and everyone you meet knows something that you don't.
We are all living in a world with a hyped up, fuck you, who cares, I am the master of the universe attitude. Therefore make your stay worthwhile, learn..
Lastly, as the great Tao says, there is neither darkness nor light,  neither dust nor stars , neither water nor fire, neither love nor hatred, there is only KNOWLEDGE !!