The mind and the media

People caught up in today's media scene seem to spend huge proportions of their life without actually knowing or rather ignoring what's immediately around them. They seem to be specifically brainwashed to overlook the quality around them.
When you see in the crowd, there is always a search their eyes. When they look at you, they stop for a moment and as if they regain their unconsciousness, they continue their search. You don't exist, you are just another object in their ordinary world. You are not in TV, neither do you know about the latest celebrity gossip. It's ok if you don't know your nation's GDP, but you must know which TV serial is running which season. Otherwise, you would be left isolated, left out of our crowd. It's the mentality of the crowd that defines the direction of the cultural movement of a society. We are stuck, in a opinionated world, prejudiced.
This was not the way 100 years ago, hardly the hyped media of today. But there was quality in life.
There is much loneliness now, surprisingly where the people are most crowded. Back where the people are spread out, there is so much of life.