The Sage and the Stone

A curious thought came to my mind today.
Through all its rigidity, calmness and un-attachment, is a Sage same in nature as the Stone ? One may think as both display same properties, a Sage in mediation and a Stone lying besides the road. Are they not the same ?

Let us try to understand this with the example of light. Light when too low in its intensity, is invisible, dark. When the vibrations slightly increase, the light becomes intense and slowly we are able to perceive light. However, if the vibrations intensity more, we do not see it. It again becomes dark.
Is the darkness in the beginning same as the darkness in the end ?
Certainly not ! Therefore, the thougtlessness of the Stone is not same as the thoughtfulness of the Sage. Also, it must be remembered that the intermediate state is not the highest state.
Understand that there are things beyond our perception. Things we would never understand through human stupidity. We can only make a modest attempt, beyond that all lies in the hands of the Master.
Every particle in this plane is in continuous movement, to get back to its source. Be it the Stone or the Sage !