How To: Browse The Web Without A Browser

[Unix] Browse The Web Without A Browser

The multi-million dollar question.. Why would one like to browse the web without a Browser?

Well, there are multiple reasons behind this rationale.
- To avoid Search Leakage.
- To avoid your search History being made available to Search Engines.
- To avoid your personal, confidential infromation to be made available to Search Engines.

The method that I am going to describe below was popularised by FOSS promoter RMS (Richard M Stallman). He really is a poineer in Fress and Open Source Software. His philosophy ensures complete user privacy!

The two utilities that can be used to view a webpage from the terminal are wget and curl.

:: wget ::The syntax to use wget is as follows:
$ wget <>

Eg. $ wget
The above command by default downloads the page at the webaddress to your present working directory. The default nanme for this file is index*.htm. You can then open the file to view the contents.

:: cURL ::The syntax to use cURL is as follows:
$ curl <>

Eg. $ curl
The above command displays the webpage at the webaddress at the standard ouptut, ie. your terminal window in this case. You can customize the coammnd to save the web page to a file with -o option along with curl.

There are whole lot of optiona available with both whet and curl. man wget and man curl can be used in the terminal to get all the options.

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