Bugs and Tooth-picks

When you discover something like a bug in your code, its like discovering a tooth with a left over of your food stuck in it!
You just can't get along with it till you get rid of it. You can never leave it alone. You got to probe it, work around it, push on it, think about it.
Not because it's enjoyable but because its on your mind and you can't get it off your mind. You got to get the tooth-pick.
If you try to fix it and your fixing doesn't work, this does not mean that its your lot of life to live along with a left over of your lunch stuck in your tooth and leave it on its own to become a plaque.
Only the master comprehends the mysterious ways in which the code behaves, a novice must only religiously follow the teachings of the great master.. and enlightenment will come. To question the great master is to question the Source.