Tim Dotcom's Mega.co.nz

After his most noteworthy site Megaupload was brought down by US legislators exactly a year ago, his new file sharing site is now up and running.

It's noteworthy that within 24 hours of its functioning, it has gathered more than a million users. The site grantees complete privacy and a storage space of 50 GB completely free. Following on the footsteps of Megaupload which at its peak amounted for 8% of web traffic, Mega is said to offer its users complete privacy and a faster service by having the encryption keys with its users.
This way, the government or even the site owners are unaware of the real contents of the file. Tim in his defence to the copyright laws argues that the uoloaders are complete owners of the content and his site has no knowledge or ownership over the content. Therefore he cannot be held responsible for the contents of the file that his site is unaware of. Just as you would not shut down the post office just because someone mailed u a bomb, you cannot file Mega.

The site was launched at a grand party at Tim's mansion in New Zealand.

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