Prayer, fear, death and suffering..

The Bhagwad Gita says that, so long as there is a thing like death in this world, there will be suffering. The fear of death is one of the reasons for human suffering.
What has come upon this earth has to return back where it came from. We must understand that earth is a temporary placeholder. Iswara, Jiva, Prakriti are all eternal, lasting forever.
The body is but a chariot, a means to help you transgress through this life. The soul is sub-Brahma, non ceasing, has no beginning nor an end. It goes through cycle of births, changing bodies, face and personality. Through all this what remains the same is the Iswara (God), Jiva (soul) and the Prakriti (nature).

Therefore, as long as there is death, suffering in this world, there shall be Prayer as well.