Judge a person : not by your standard but by his duty

What is duty ?Any action that takes us Godward is a good action and is therefore our duty. Any action that makes us ho downward and away form God is evil and not our duty.
Many a times while making new acquaintances we judge people by their appearance, dressing, language and education. Keep in mind that your education, dressing or language does not make you universal standard for a perfect human being. Every one has equal right to practice his own religion or culture. Nature bestows equal opportunities upon each.
Remember that you have to accommodate yourself to the world. The world cannot accomadate itself to you.

How then to judge a person ?See a person when he does his simplest of tasks, modest of chores. His dealings with the children and with the elders. judge him when he has toughest of his time. One should not try to please everyone at one. That is an impossible task and leads one to hypocrisy. Those are fools who dare not to stand with right with one or two. 

Duty is seldom sweet. It is only when it is greased with love, becomes sweet. How else can you explain the duty of parents towards children, husband towards wife. One must work incessantly, but not like a slave. Only when we love our work comes true freedom. Be the master of your work.