[Informatica] Transformation Tracing Levels

Informatica - Transformation Tracing Levels

Informatica PowerCenter gives an option to set the Tracing level for each transformation. It can either be set at Transformation level in the mapping or at Session level. Tracing levels are usually altered to get detailed information at session log level which at times helps in debugging. We can find out exactly The different tracing levels in informatica are:

- Normal:  Writes log initialization, status information, errors encountered and skipped rows due to transformation row errors. Summarizes session results, but not at the level of individual rows. This is the default tracing level.

- Terse: In addition to the normal tracing, terse logs the initialization information, error messages and notification of rejected data.

- Verbose Initialization: Adds initialization details, names of index files, location of data files and detailed transformation statistics to the Normal level.

- Verbose data: In addition to the Verbose Initialization, logs each and every row that passes into the mapping. Also notes where the Integration Service truncates string data to fit the precision of a column and provides detailed transformation statistics.

Using verbose data tracing level in informatica takes long time for creating the session log file as it has to write each detail. This will decrease the performance of the session. Use only for debugging purpose.

For better performance use Normal tracing level

Setting up the tracing level to Verbose for large set of data may greatly reduce the performance and fill up the Session Log. Therefore, Verbose tracing level should only be set for debugging in small data sets.Alternatively we can pass only a few rows of data through the Verbose Transformtion to get optimal performance.

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