[Informatica] Sequence Generator Transformation

Sequence Generator Transformation

::Transformation type::

Sequence Generator Transformation generates unique numeric values. The Sequence generator can be used to populate Primary Keys or cycle through a sequence of numbers. By default, CURRVAL and NEXTVAL are the two types ofports present in Sequce Generator. The PowerCenter Server generates the NEXTVAL value plus the Increment By value which can then be passed to next transformation.

::NEXTVAL::NEXTVAL can be connected to multiple transformations to generate unique values for each row in each transformation.

::CURRVAL::CURRVAL is NEXTVAL plus the Increment By value. Usually we use CURRVAL port when the NEXTVAL port is already connected to a another pipeline.

1            2
2            3
3            4
4            5
5            6

- The vaious options like Start value, Increment by, End value can be customer specified under the properties tab.
- Sequence Generators can be made reusable to use them across sessions.

The following example shows Sequence Genrator with default properties.