[Informatica] Saving Logs by Timestamp vs Runs

Save Logs by Session Timestamp vs Session Runs.

Informatica PowerCenter gives an option to save the Workflow as well as session logs by either Timestamp or by Runs. We shall try to understand the diffrence between the two.
Supposing we take an example for Session and we choose an option to save Session Logs by Runs (the default option). This property is found in Config Objects tab when we click on Edit Sessions. In this case, after execution of the session, when we view the Session log from Workflow monitor, we can see a Message similar to Below:

Message: Writing session output to log file [/app/informatica/data/SS_DDEX_MGWS_DEV/SessLogs/session_name.log].
However, if we enable Save Session log By Timestamp. We get a message similar to below in Session Log.

Message: Writing session output to log file [/app/informatica/data/SS_DDEX_MGWS_DEV/SessLogs/s_Pipe_Seperated_Values.log.20130128052418].

Notice the session_name.log file name in both the cases. We notice that when we save the Session Log By Timestamp, the timestamp is appended at the end of the log file name.
Further, in case of Save Session Logs by Runs, just below this option, we get another option which says,
Save session log for these runsWe can specify any numeric value here. Note that for Save Session Log By Timestamp, this option is disabled as unique session log file for each session run is generated based on the session run timestamp.

All the above properties are similarly applicable while Saving Workflow logs as well.

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