Operating system and governance

An interesting analogy occurred me today.. viewing the Operating system as a Government.
The analogy provides an interesting insight in understanding and functioning of both the Operating system and Government.
We find a striking resemblance in both of them.  Following are some of key observations. Also I try to go a step further and try to describe how a ideal Operating system as well as a Government should work.
The operating system only provides a environment for the hardware and software to coexist. There is no physical existence for it. Similarly Government only provides a environment for the smooth functioning of law and maintain order.
The operating system does not work on its own. It needs intervention from the user. Government also need intervention from public from time to time.
There is a time to update our Operating system with the latest version at regular intervals.Elections serve the purpose of going so in democracy.
Resource utilization, optimization,maintaining order and law are some other common functions.