The saint and the emperor

The emperor had won his last battle. This cost him two hundred thousand soldiers. But he thought it was worth it. After all, he had by now conquered the whole world.
He was basking in his own glory while he was marching home. He stopped by a river to quench his thirst.
He saw a saint there, meditating in loneliness. Quiet and serene. He had a long beard, he was thin and his face had the glow of a million Suns.
The saint saw the emperor and gave him water and some fruits. Thereafter, he asked the emperor his purpose in the woods. To this, the emperor bowed and replied, ' o great saint, I am returning from my last battle. I have conquered all the continents and now I am the emperor of the world. Every country, every province is now under my rule. I can do and I can have whatever I wish. I am so self satisfied.'
The saint smiled.
The emperor asked the saint , ' o great seer, what are you doing here in the lonely woods, who are you, what do you seek ?'
The saint in his serene voice, replied back, ' I am experiencing the feeling of NOTHINGNESS'.
To this the emperor had a thoughtful moment and smiled back. Both continue their ways, their journeys...