Programmers, Automation, Profit and Loss

What you can do efficiently today can be automated tomorrow.
Therefore;l, your job as s programmer becomes to put yourself out of business.

In the ruthless economy where each Rupee adds up to the total profit there is no wonder that managers find innovative ways to automate thing that are currently done manually.
Despite there are many advantages of doing things the automated way..
1. Results are less error prone.
2. Results are quick.
3. No human emotions, feelings, factors like getting tired from the monotonous task is involved.
4. Most important, it leads to power head count to do the same work, ultimately resulting in more profit margin.

Thus to survive in such q scenqtio, the programmer is left with only two choices..
1. Keeping himself updated with newer technologies to find greener pastures.
2. Create problems (bugs) in the existing system to ensure his utility, importance.