True perfection

'True perfection is to be imperfect, I know that it sounds foolish but its true.'
These lines have many meanings. I believe the meaning that a person takes out from a phrase always depends on his emotional state, where he has been and what's in his mind. That is a completely different topic though.
What my takeaway from the lines is that, perfection is a continuous process. It never ends. Once you reach there, you always desire for more. Hence what you perceive to be perfection becomes imperfection. You strive again hard, just to realize that its a cycle.
The moral is not be overly complacent, but to understand the thin line between attainable and non-attainable. 
Also, perfection is non-attainable. You strive and raise the bar for yourself. Everything is relative, and perfection is not an exception. What seems perfect to me may not even rank on a scale in your opinion. The present human stage is just a phase in evolution. We descended from apes, and gradually become humans. But has the evolution stopped ? No it hasn't, its still in progress and is taking us to the next step of evolution, perfection. It will continue till the man himself becomes perfect and then the cycle will begin... again, from where we started. Going back to the roots is the law of the nature. From tree to seed to again tree, from day to night and again day.. True perfection will only be reached when we cease to begin ! You ain't gonna live forever. So do what you think is right.