The sellers's impulse

Its like sellers want YOU to buy their product, not because you need it, its because its on discount right NOW.

In conventional shopping model you go 3-4 shops to get what to want and then finally buy the product. Mind you, you start bargaining from half the price and then buy the product with a sense of achievement of having accomplished something really awesome! This has drastically changed over the years, online stores, viral campaigns and Geo-specific marketing has made buying things a complex process.

No, I don't support either of the model, each has its pros and cons and applications under different scenarios. Considering the diverse Indian market, many multinational online stored have revamped their strategies and business model to cater Indian needs. Schemes like Cash-on-Delivery, Free shipping, Next-day delivery are blooming.

You visit a website or a blog and the first thing you notice are the ads, someone is always trying to sell you something. Last month, I wanted to buy a pair of sport's shoes. Being a first time buyer of such a product, I invested some time in doing some 'research' on finding out the best brand, design and product. Of course I Googled to do this. Then I got so busy in work ,that I almost completely forgot I wanted to buy the shoes. Until one day I saw the exact same searches that I did on google were popping as ads on my Facebook page. That wasn't it, every blog, every website I visited had ads of sports shoes. Suddenly it seemed like the whole world wants to sell shoes to me.

There was no escape, so I finally brought the shoes from an online store, hoping that ads would stop coming up. In vain, 1 month after the purchase, I still see the ads. 

Moral of the story ??