The Divine Plan

There is a short story about the great philosopher Socrates which I want to share today..

Once Socrates was returning from his daily  ablutions from banks of a river when he heard a cry of someone who was drowning  in the river. Socrates as we all know had a huge physique and comfortably saved the man from drowning. Later, when the man got back to consciousness, he turned to Socrates and thanked him. Socrates who was already halfway leaving, turned to the man and whispered in his ears 'Make sure that your life was worth saving !'

We all know that we are just a dot in the world, but never forget that we all constitute an important part of the sum total. Without YOU, its all incomplete. YOU make it complete. 

Hadn't it been for you the flowers would not have gave beautiful fragrance, the sky would not be blue, the birds wouldn't chirp. Appreciate your share and importance in the sum-total.
I use the word 'sum-total' here to represent the Universe. 

As great philosopher's say, 'don't live somebody else's life'. Wear your own coat, leave your own mark. God made you unique with the intention that you should be YOU. Don't ruin the divine plan being someone else. 

At end of each day, make sure that - -

  • you have laughed loud at-least once. 
  • you exchanged a smile with a stranger.
  • you smelled the flowers.
  • you made someone happy.
  • you spoke to your family.
  • you helped someone in a way he/she cannot return back to you.
Don't let your heart stop dancing, believe you can fly high, away... away... The promised land that your mother told you in her fairy tales!