Dedicated key on Blackberry to Fire Employees !

A research shows mobiles are the third most popular things next to wallets and keys to be found in anyone's pockets. Smart managers are going tech-savvy thanks to their BlackBerries. Push button emailing, share-market quotes,  social networking on the go, browsing and what not, smart devices like Blackberries are all examples of Enterprise Mobility.

This enables business anywhere, anytime!

While I was trolling today, a random curious thought came to my mind!
What if manager's favorite smartdevice- Blackberry has a hotkey dedicated for firing employees. Just point and shoot ! I mean it would ease a managers life a lot. All that emotional atyachar, both on employees side and managers side would be nullified. Following are some of the very few ideas that came to my mind. Methinks.. Copyright ©  all copyrights reserved! :p

1. The device would have a hot-key dedicated to fire  employees, just like hot-keys for email, music player, social networking.

2. All the manager has to do is to press the key, select the employee and press OK.

2. An automatic mail would be triggered to the employee's mail id to inform him.

3. Mail will also be triggered to the company's finance department to start the start the calculations for final employee settlement.

4. SMS will be triggered to employee's wife to handle her husbands mood and emotions.

5. Employee's Facebook and LinkedIn status will automatically updated from 'employeed' to 'UNEMPLOYED'. It would be a lot of pain on the employees side to do so, so better automate it!

6. The key would be auto-disabled on weekends. This is to save the employee from emotional trauma and torture of sitting whole two days at home thinking about his career and not being able to go for interviews because its weekend holiday.  Better fire employees only on Monday, it gives them lot of time, in fact a whole week to search for a new job!

Smart management, for smart managers!

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