Only Crying Babies Get Milk

I asked somebody close to me who could see life a lot better than a boy could see..
And he said .. 'boy O boy O boy.... these days are flying by,.. ask what's you think is yours... its lying there..   it lies there wasted if you don't ask for !'

I you think something is yours, you deserve it, you want it more than anything else, question yourself- 'is it fair if you don't ask for it?'

If you don't ask, the answer will always be NO! It your own insult, the insult of your intuition which repeatedly asks for it. Some people figure out what they want at the age of 18, some at 26, some never figure it out. But if you ever figure it out, don't keep it locked in your heart. Take it out, ask the nature for it.

If you get it, you won. If you don't get it, it was never for you. Find something else to chase for.
Else you will die  being NOTHING