On being *God* and *Human*

Before reading this, I would like to clarify that below are some personal experiences with no fancy toppings.  You might find it boring at some point of time while reading. But I guarantee your takeaways from this, or you can always shout at me in the comments.

This day I was walking down the street while I saw a small boy playing with a ball. Each time he tossed the ball in the air, I could see the excitement, the longing to get back the ball again. In this sudden moment of realization, I pictured the human emotion of *waiting-for-something-to-happen*. 

As I observed him he was looking at me. He *smiled*. I felt as if *God* has smiled to me. Suddenly with that boy's grace, I felt blessed . I reciprocated with a smile.

Thereafter, whenever I see small children, I initiate the smile give-and-take cycle. Believe me, God smiles *each* time ! Each time its a unique experience. I know, you might have also felt the bliss.


I remember being small, I used to travel in a crowded bus with my father. Not a single seat vacant seat left. Everytime, some stranger used to call me and make me sit on his lap. A gesture of compassion often seen towards small children. 

I wonder if I would have smiled at him the same way - the boy with the ball did. I suppose, I definitely would have. The man would also have reciprocated.

I deduce from this that there is a little bit of *God* in each one of us.
  • Little acts of kindness count. Nothing goes un-noticed.
  • Don't search for a reason to be kind.
  • Practice compassion, greet everyone with a smile.
  • Talk of health, happiness, peace with whomever you meet, wherever you go.
Remember, no-one is cruel by  birth. There is God in them too. Its just the matter of time and circumstances. I bet, you won't be happy to trade places with them. But a times try to be the other person's shoes.

There is a bit of *God* in you.!