The next big revolution in IT

We have had printing presses, telegraphs,Radio's and TV's. These were enough to turn the world upside down, starting with printing press in Europe and then the whole world. 

With printing presses, we had a explosion in the production of written media - books, magazines, newspapers followed. Then came telegraph and telephone and this paved the way to one-to-one communication. With the invasion of TV and Radios we had a explosive growth in music and art form. It is interesting to see how media shaped the human history and culture.

The media that was good at creating groups was no good at creating conversations. Also, the media that was good at creating conversation was no good at creating groups.If you wanted to address a group, you get the same message and you give it to everybody in the group, more of broadcasting. As all the media gets digitized, books, music, movies are migrating to internet. Internet has become a place where all these media reside just next to each other. 

The next big innovation in IT would not be in creating more solutions for businesses or end-users, but itself in converging already available tools to create a consolidated solution. 

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