How To : Kill Your Boss

This is not what we actually come up on a Blog like ours. But situation demands!!

After lots of brainstorming and expert interviews on this topic, we have finally come up with a comprehensive list of DO's to kill your boss!! 

*Although the masculine gender 'he' is used in the below sentences, there is no gender bais and the same applies to 'her' . We at 'methinks..' believe that bosses are souls which may come in any size, color, height, weight and gender.
  • Tell him that you are getting married for the 4th time and you are taking leave for next 1 month. Don't ask for permission. Tell him that the marriage was not pre-planned and it just happened!
  • Fill his inbox with all spam mails. It has been found that mails with 'Rajnikanth' in its subject are twice more effective!
  • Send him mails saying- 'Bill Gates is sharing his fortune'. Dont forget to mention below the mail that you just jot credited with $55,000 and will be soon resigning!
  • Slap him, right on his face, in-front of the whole team. Tell him how badly he sucks. Tell him that the workplace in no more than a ghetto of underprivileged, suppressed individuals. Then say that you occasionally have fits of insanity and say sorry to him. 
  • Reply to all his mails, iresective of the subject and content - saying.. 'lolz.. who cares??' 
  • Ask your friend call your boss and let him ask question like..
    'What is your view on the infertility of african elephants and its effects Indian economy' 
  • While giving a presentation to the client ,, shout.. say that.. 'these are not my slides!!'
Boss problem.. SOLVED !!