How To : Be Creative and Happy


1. Never think an idea however small it is, to be stupid. You never know the world may be searching for it ever since.

2. Carry a notebook everywhere you go. Let your ideas flow on paper. Document everything possible.

3. Stop trying to be someone else. You are unique and you are meant to be YOU.

4. Learn something new every year. A musical instrument, a new language, a dance form, singing, teaching, skating.., whatever you haven't tried yet. You never know where ideas can come from.

5. Take lots of rest. Dont over-burn. Laugh a lot. Make fun of yourself.

6. Give auto-suggestions at regular intervals. Say that 'I can do, I am the best' in various pitches of voice. At times, SHOUT!

7. Seek for feedback. Never take criticism to heart.

8. Once in a while visit a new place which you have never been before.

9. Reward yourself for your own achievements. Pamper yourself.

10. Talk with children, play with them, buy them chocolates. Remember you are never too old or never young enough to do that.

11. Seek advice but take decisions on your own will. Whatever the decision was, whoever may criticize it,at the end of the day - Prove the decision to be right.

12. Do stupid things - after-all, all ideas emerge from some kind of stupidity. Sing in bathroom, read a page of dictionary, listen to new music, try to balance the light switch !

13. Be kind to nature. never forget your roots. Never forget where you come from, what you have been and how it was to be there at that time. Count your blessings.

14. One in a while, read a story book of your younger sibling or your children. 
15. Be in a continuous education program for your lifetime.

16. Understand that no one is perfect. Neither you nor your boss. Its time and sacrifice that counts. Your boss may not be more intelligent or productive than you, but he has spent a lot of time being in those shoes.

17. Seek of simplicity in everything you do. Try and find simpler way of doing things. Never stop practicing even if you are best at it.

18. Surround yourself with creative people. Be with people who love you, respect you. Remember that nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your mind. Never trade it for anything.

19. Dont bind yourself to bookish knowledge and rules. Challenge and break the rules. Make mistakes and be proud of them. 

20. Lastly, dont waste your time in reinventing the wheel. Use the existing resources, tools to make something new. Dream bigger.

Most importantly, document each and every idea!