DuckDuckGo Stickers Now Available at DuckDuckGo Sticker Store

DuckDuckGo just launched a sticker store! It's hosted by Sticker Mule and showcases specialty logos contributed community forum. It also has regular logos and an iPhone skin.

Check it out at:
Official DuckDuckGo stickers for only $3.99 each! Free shipping on U.S. orders. All designs courtesy of the DDG community.

DuckDuckGo is a general purpose search engine like Google or Bing with no tracking, no eavesdropping, no information recording, no search leakage!

URL: or just type in your browser. 

It has some other cool features like the !bang syntax, Goodies and to add to this is now a DuckDuckGo sticker store. You can read an interesting review about the search optimization features and its real life applications to everyday searches by clicking here . Zero click search is another feature that the engine offers.