!bang syntax in DuckDuckGo

The word SYNTAX in the title may be a bit uncomfortable for the non-techie guys out there. But no, this is not at all a technical post. Its how technology relates and stretches to help you in day to day life. 

For those who are still pondering what DuckDuckGo is, here is a short backdrop. 
 URL:https://duckduckgo.com/ or just type ddg.gg in your browser.

DuckDuckGo is a general purpose search engine like Google or Bing with no tracking, no eavesdropping, no information recording, no search leakage! Now, that's enough of a introduction.

Lets get straight to the topic of our today's post. 

 Apart from the trivial uses like performing calculation directly on the search box, DuckDuckGooffers some very unique and useful features. I have illustrated some of them.

Suppose you want to know if its going to rain today, or may be you want to know if its going to snow. Try the following query and you will get the answers with zero clicks!

Do you want to know if its going to raining in your area? Not a problem, type your question and bang comes  DuckDuckGo with an answer. Remember, this all with, again with zero clicks.

Want to know the weather around your area? Here you go!

Lets try something unusual, lets try finding the population of a city called Nagpur. Nagpur is a small district in Maharashtra, India. But nothing escapes from DuckDuckGo's search !
Want to know the age of your favorite celebrity, politician, national figure? Tired of searching around the web? Here you go! This search query displays the very first result as the age of Indian Superstar, Shahrukh Khan. I never knew Shahrukh is 46, damn girls still drool over him !

Here is January 2012 calender.

Tired of taking decisions? Don't know the correct answer for a critical question. May be you just want to go with the luck and be random! Just toss a coin. heads or tails, or may be roll a die. Yes in DuckDuckGo.

Damn I am feeling ducky! I got 6 in the very first attempt. :)
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