Alternative To Corporate Group Announcements

If you happen to work in a MNC, specially a  enterprise in IT sector, you might have come across the group mails or group announcements. The word for such communication mails may vary from company to company, but the intention is the same, to get a common message across the company.

A great concept indeed. But how many of you really read them / need them? 
  • The group announcements fall into following categories:
  • Strategic planning / marketing
  • New appointments / changes in senior level managements
  • Referrals / Walk ins
  • Information Updates, downtime of critical business applications, services
  • Newsletters
  • Some enterprises even the cafeteria menu at in the mails, no.. don't laugh, I am serious.
  • Acquisitions, mergers and partnerships
The Enterprise branding policy makes it mandatory that the company logo and some other disclosures must be included in the mail. Also, some enterprises attach the PDF version o  the announcement for ease in readability.

This makes the mail bulky for the mail servers to handle. Two other notable disadvantages are:
  • It costs the enterprise for storage of the mail. The storage space is directly proportional to the number of recipients as it occupies space in each individual's mail-box.
  • It eats up band-width. 
This is definitely not the way to enterprise sustainability and going green.

I try to propose some solutions for this problem, though each has its own pros and cons.
If we want to send the same message to everyone, cant we...
  1. text them to employees? as SMS? The advantage here is that the cost of storage of the message is completely the recipients headache.  
  2. have a LED display panel at strategic locations and display group announcement there?
 This is more like a notice board approach to reach people, but its effective. Further, there less cost involved and we reach more people as we do in group mails. 

Food for thought !!