What booty be Facebook users blabbering 'bout in 2011?

Hello all,

We know its a long time we haven't posted anything. While we were kinda busy in some other activities, we were also searching for something worth putting!

This time it is a year end, and probably time to gather up statistics for the whole year. Who did what, when and Why!

Facebook has become a modern courtroom today. People are not restricting themselves to putting funny status updates, pics, playing Farmville (not to mention) etc. Its has become a meeting room for serious discussions too. A recent study shows interesting statistics on what the world is discussing about. Facebook has just released its list of top ‘status trends’ for 2011.The report compiles people’s Facebook status updates, to come up with the top trends that are being discussed over the course of the year.

Everting for the death of neighbor's new puppy to death of Osama was discussed this year. Top attention grabbers were Steve Jobs, Osama, Amy Winehouse, Superbowl and Lokpal Bill.

What the Indian's are blabbering about in post-Orkut social networking sites in 2011?

Anna's Lokpal bill amongst others like Ra-One, Jagjit Singh, Yujraj Singh were discussed in India. 'Why this kolaveri?' which came in lateish 2011 has too made a significant mark on Facebook as well. This this song grabbing more than million views in YouTube, Facebook users shared status updated, videos of this song. 

Any comments on 'Why this kolaveri?' :)