How To : Install Oracle SQL Developer on LInux Mint / Ubuntu

By this time you all should know that I am a hard core Linux fan, specially Linux Mint.
Today morning I installed Lisa (Mint 12) and its fab!
Lisa has completely redefined the GUI of traditional OS's. Joining the league of Ubuntu, it has paved the way for a GUI which can be used on touch tablets. And its absolute pleasure to use it on my lappy.
A complete review is due to come from my side! But for now, I will focus on installation of Oracle SQL developer on Linux Mint. The same steps work on Ubuntu as well.


Open a terminal and copy and paste the following commands in order. When asked for password, enter the admin or Super-user password.
You will need to get the files for ORACLE’s SQL Developer if you don’t already have the rpm, yep that’s right the rpm. Head over to the following link and do all the create account or login stuff needed.

1. Download the .rpm file for Oracle SQL Developer.

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk
2. By default the Oracl SQL Develoepr setup is a RPM package. For installation on LInux Mint, you need to convert RPM to DEB package. Now you need to download alien which helps you to convert RPM to DEB and DEB to RPM

sudo apt-get install alien
3. Next command is to install sql developer. Make sure you place the downloaded RPM and DEB file in /home folder.

sudo alien -k --scripts sqldeveloper*.rpm
3. This next step should be very simple, but to be complete I will include it here.

sudo dpkg -i sqldeveloper*.deb
4. One last thing, the next three steps will allow sql-developer to know where the JDK lives.

mkdir -p ~/.sqldeveloper
gedit ~/.sqldeveloper/jdk
This will open the editor with jdk file open in it. You need to copy the following
 path in the editor, save it and close it. 
All is done now! You can use your SQL Developer from Menu - Programming - SQL Developer.

Applications > Programming > SQL Developer
Comments / Suggestions welcome ! 

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