Experience the Ubuntu desktop Online

Its Free, its easy to, use its reliable and its addictive!!

The developers at the Ubuntu development team have left no stone unturned. From providing online user manuals, online discussion forums, IRC's on special topics and providing all the resources for downloads and development for free.

To add up to this, Ubuntu has come up with a novel approach to online user interface by providing users with an option to experience the Ubuntu desktop online. You just need a internet connection and a browser. Any operating system will do.
You can experience the whole new 11.10 Ubuntu with most of the features like file manager, image viewer, browser and package manager online. Of course, you need to download the full version and install it in your hard drive to get the full throttle user experience. But applauds to those who have built this version of Ubuntu running on a browser.

This can be used as a tutorial for beginners or a test of how the look and feel of new GUI is. To open this, all you need to do is go to http://www.ubuntu.com/tour/ and the options for guided tour to show yourself will welcome you.

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