YOU are facebook's and Google+'s products not customers !!

Yesterday my Father asked my advice on a particular 'Home Loan' scheme and I thought lets Google it out. I found pretty much useful info about the plan had a good night's sleep. Only to wake up in the morning and find that I have four spam mails regarding 'Home Loans' in my GMail in-box.

What I want to convey is pretty much clear chaps! Take it this way, simple and sour - Google sells your data. So does Facebook. Now where do you think these multi-nationals earn money from, huh? Your personal info is sold worth millions for the purpose advertising and marketing .

Gone are the days when companies used to rely on Newspapers, TV, Radios for reaching to the masses. When offices are made out of clicks, companies want instant results and they en-cash the Online user base that Google, facebook boast of.

Chaps, it is not for a charity that Google is hosting servers worth millions of dollars and facebook is in a cut throat competition with Google+, investing millions of dollars in R&D. They get paid for it equally.

There are many instances that happen in our day to day browsing that show that we are continuously monitored. In-fact, web is the wildest place, most insecure.Your every click, every move is monitored.

As Stallman (RMS) famously said," I refuse to use Facebook or Google+ because of their policies demanding accounts carry the user's "real name". That policy threatens anonymity on the Internet. Don't use such a system."

The latest addition to this list is Google+. Similar to facebook, G+ also makes it mandatory for users to enter their 'real names' with tonnes of other personal details, while creating an account. While G+ and FB's propaganda is that it makes easier for other user's to identify and isolate fake profiles, or accounts created by automated bots. But the other side of the coin must not be overlooked. The G+'s and FB's 'real name' policy is costing YOU, the end-users privacy. Having a real name o your profile doesn't count much unless:

1. Your country prohibits you from mingling into social n/w sites and disclosing your private info. Yes, there are countries where law states this.

2. Your country may prohibit certain gender from having public profiles, display your photos and create online community.

3. Your country may not allow you to be in a open relationship with same sex.

How it all works!!

Now do you know why G+ and FB stress on makes fields like name, email id, gender, date of birth mandatory? Though this info, advertisers can target you directly in th pool of users. Say you own a company which sells 'funky T-shirts and Denims'. Your target audience will be youth in their mid-twenties and teens. So marketers can target you directly from the pol of users. Simply philosophy ' why waste your ad money advertising to users who are not interested in your product!' Now there advertisers get the data like your age, gender, location from G+ and FB and target their Ad's only to you! That's how it works..

If you decide it isn't worth it, Facebook and G+ turns out to be very difficult to leave. It is very easy to "deactivate" your account, but it's also almost meaningless. Nothing is deleted by deactivation. If you return a year later, your account is still there, with the same password, the same friends and all the same data.
  Merchandise, Not Clients
Facebook's and Google+ users do not pay, so they are not its clients. They are its merchandise, to be sold to other businesses. There is a systematic marketing campaign to drive users to entrusting their computing and their data to companies they have absolutely no reason to trust.

Google on the other hand is far more dangerous the FB. The only are it was lagging behind was social n/w. With the invasion of G+, Google has all he tools of trade. It has Google images, Google News, Blogger, You-tube, Ad-sense and affiliate networks.

A thought that makes a sense

Do you really think that your facebook or G+ friends really care for you each time you feel blue, or your girlfriend ditches you, or you have had a terribly bad day, or you met with an accident? Take a bet chaps, no one would even throw a stone if it would have cost them bucks.

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