WikiLeaks: Mayawati sent a jet to Mumbai to get her a pair of sandals

" Behen Maya, as she is known by her followers and Dalit vote base, had sent an empty Jet to Mumbai or fetching sandals for her. "

This stunning revelation came from Wiki-Leaks which claims that during election times, Maya wanted a pair of sandels so desparately for a public rally that she used public money to sent a Jet across Mumbai and fetch sandals for her in October last year.

Mayawati's full majority victory in May 2007 UP State Assembly elections left her beholden to no one and has allowed her to act on her eccentricities. Such is the extravagant expense of Maya that she employs nine cooks for her, two to actually cook, two to taste and others to oversee.  She fears assassination and demanded from the central government the highest level of protection available. In addition to this out-sized security apparatus, she constructed a private road from her residence to her office, which is cleaned immediately after her multiple vehicle convoy reaches its destination.

Mayawati rarely speaks with the media and when she does hold a press conference, questions are not allowed. Just to run as a BSP parliamentary candidate costs roughly 250,000 dollars. Not to mention the famous 'Rupee Notes Garland' of last elections was worth crores. She has marble statues built all over UP (Yeah man, In India you can construct a statue while you are still alive!) The auditor said a sum of Rs 15 crore was wasted transporting stone blocks used in the memorials from Lucknow to Rajasthan and back. An avoidable expenditure of more than Rs 22 crore was also incurred by revising contracts.Her Elephantine expenses are the talk of town.

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